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Hourly Design Rate


Fresh, energized and inspired; our young team thrives on projects that foster innovation. We create solutions that go beyond the mainstream response.

You can expect us to create timeless designs.


Our specialties: 

Branding – Graphic Design – Print Collateral Design – Packaging Design – Environmental and Signage Design – Web Design and Development – CMS Platform Integration and Development – Illustration, Typography, Copywriting and Photography.

Yes, we are a talented team. Our nurturing atmosphere harnesses ideas and supports our creative instincts. 

Loyalty and trust are important to us. Our client partnerships that extend over a decade encourage confidence and opportunities to produce work we are proud to stand behind. 


What are you waiting for? Come collaborate and experience the best we have to offer. 

Hourly Design Rate

NZ $97.75

Hourly Design Rate

NZ $57.50

Hourly Design Rate

NZ $80.50

Hourly Design Rate

NZ $149.50

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